Every piece is made by hand and one-of-a-kind, allowing for beautiful variation and character from one to the next. Porcelain, and stoneware are hand-painted with endless combinations of rich glaze.


I am an artist, currently living and working in Philadelphia. I work with clay, fibers and other mediums to create both decorative and functional pieces.

I am guided by harmonious composition- the way color, form, texture and size work together to create a unique piece that makes an impact on the space it inhabits.

Rain Collection

Textiles are hand-woven from up-cylcled materials such as used sweaters and jeans.  I collect clothing and other materials from thrift stores, and accept donations from people around the world.

Cream Dress with Woven Inset

I strive to make strong and unique pieces that are also approachable, inspiring a sense of grace and courage in those who wear and live among my work.