New Studio

I am now splitting my time between Philly and Phoenixville, PA, where we just moved into an amazing 226-year-old farmhouse! The house has a great sun-room space with tons of windows and flagstone floors. I am slowly, but surely putting together my first designated solo studio, which is a life-long dream come true. I hope to be able to expand my body of work in new directions and be able to produce more than ever. Stay tuned!

New Studio

A Day in Philadelphia

 The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation

We were ten steps ahead of a thunder storm all day, and our excitement has been mounting as we approach our honeymoon, now only two days away. We have one mom here with us and we've had a full and fun weekend all together. Today we spent hours walking, wandering and eating- the ultimate summer day. We dropped off a Rain Collection delivery at Vagabond, in Old City and got a sweet taste of the shop's fineries. High-wasted, white denim, unhemmed bells everywhere.  We stopped into Double Knot, 1/2 cafe, 1/2 Japanese restaurant, where the gracefully unkempt potted plants at the door are just the first sign of magic. Inside, a latte art competition and free Elixir coffee were like the details of a dream amidst dim lighting and curated artifacts of old. More curatorial genius ensued at The Barnes Foundation, where one of our favorite pieces continues to be the mosaic in the lobby's floor. Feeling drawn to the stormy sky, we took a chance on the new Assembly rooftop lounge atop the Logan Hotel, and found a world-class view and even a couple of new friends. The bright aqua Swann Memorial Fountain, nine stories below maintained its glow as the rain finally caught up to us. Torrents fell as we were swept inside into a cozy nook by our muscular and highly capable waitress. It's been good, Sunday. Thank you, Philly.

If I Could Write

If I could write as easily as I paint: 

I would find the line between

trying and not trying.

Punctuation does apply

within a well-worded painting.

And I would know how to lose time

over brush or pen.

Almost a gift

but for the effort it takes to receive.

Knowing the ropes

is not the same as being.

Do others see inside

another realm apart?

Watching through the lens

of being related.

I’ll circle back to write

on the wind of a destined canvas.

Weaving in the Moment

Weaving in the Moment

The idea to teach a workshop came to me one morning as I was working on a weaving for an old friend of mine.  It had been a few months since I’d given myself complete freedom to create a piece with no expectations.  I tend to resist hard and fast rules when it comes to art-making in general, but as a working artist, there are certain boundaries you must create for yourself to work within. At the very least, you must imagine your customers and what might appeal to them.  Once in a while though, it is really important to allow yourself to be alone and free with your work- to let the audience, and the boundaries melt away.  I always take it as an opportunity to practice this state of creativity when making a gift for someone.  I use what I imagine to be that person’s preferences as my starting point, and then I just let go.  

The morning I started Hilary’s weaving, I gathered her colors and textures into a messy pile - warm, bold, and wooly - and began my journey.  Weaving has a rhythm; under and over again and again.  If you let yourself, you can take advantage of the repetition to zone out.  There is a part of your creative mind that stays grounded to make small choices like which color to use next, while the rest of you is transported to another realm where time and space is lost.  This balance is rare and exquisite.  It is in that balanced state of being that I am able to experience the present moment with ease.  Even as a child I was able to reach that state of being through art.  I consider myself blessed to have access to it. 

While working on Hilary’s weaving, it occurred to me for the first time that this was a gift. It also occurred to me that I may be able to share my process with others.  I have yet to find out if teaching someone how to weave could also potentially lead them to state of “flow”.  This Saturday I will be providing the tools and the advice to inspire what I hope will become meaningful internal journeys for my students.  At the very least, they will come away knowing how to weave.

Weaving Workshop - SOLD OUT

Weaving in the Moment - with Hannah Dancing

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn to use reclaimed yarn and fabric to weave a small tapestry.  Philadelphia-based artist, Hannah Dancing will guide you in your journey to create a unique piece of art.  The focus will be on concentrating your energies toward the process of creating.  Weaving is an intrinsically meditative act that has the ability to center us and bring us into the moment effortlessly.  Come join us at Palo Santo Wellness Boutique for a fun and inspiring afternoon of weaving, mindfulness, and drinking tea! 

All skill levels are invited.  All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring additional yarn, and fabric scraps.  Tea and cookies will also be provided.  

Date: Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Time: 2:00-4:30pm

Location:    Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

                    1707 East Passyunk Ave.

                    Philadelphia, PA 19148



Old City Magic

Old City Architectural Gems

Old City is Philadelphia's historic district.  Built around an impressive park system, darling storefronts and residences intermingle with regal government buildings of days past.  It is this collision of the quaint and the stately that seems to tickle you with magic as you walk down its cobblestone streets.  

Up and Running

I am very excited to announce the new Hannah Dancing Studio ONLINE SHOP!  Now you can purchase select items directly from my site:  

Navigating a new business can be daunting, but with the support of friends and family, and the passion I have to infuse the world with art, I am feeling pretty great about this venture.  

Thank you to all who have been along for the ride and who keep coming back for more! So much love to you <3 <3 <3.